Wayfinding Solution for Smart Indoor Spaces

As there is no sufficient GPS signal available indoors, the positioning and navigation of people has to be solved in a different way. Get to know full-service solutions for positioning and indoor navigation via BLE beacons.

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How it works

How Does Indoor Navigation Work Without GPS?

The Global Positioning System (GPS) needs several satellites’ clear line of sight to work reliably. There is hardly any chance of GPS reception indoors. In addition, you cannot determine which floor of a building you are standing on.

For this reason, other technologies are used indoors. The most common solution is positioning with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons in combination with smartphone sensors. Using this method, the position of an end device can be determined, and client-based applications such as indoor navigation are made possible.

How to Use Bluetooth Beacons for Indoor Navigation

Beacons have been experiencing a real boom since 2013. Today, there are numerous suppliers of beacon hardware worldwide that work with the popular iBeacon format.

For indoor navigation, beacons are placed at regular intervals in the building. They then regularly transmit signals via Bluetooth that are received by mobile devices (e.g., smartphones). An app on the smartphone interprets the signals, and the position is determined directly on the end device. Beacons cost between about three and 30 euros, have battery lives of several years, and can cover up to 70 meters indoors. The number of beacons required depends on the area and the desired positioning accuracy.

infsoft, a leading provider of comprehensive real-time location systems, offers specialized infrastructure hardware. infsoft Locator Beacons can be used for indoor navigation and simultaneously enable server-based applications such as people or object tracking.

infographic showing client-based positioning with Bluetooth beacons
client-based positioning using BLE beacons


Features of an Indoor Navigation App

Indoor navigation facilitates orientation in complex buildings and on extensive campus areas. A corresponding app can offer numerous functions:

infsoft smartphone app with POI info and navigation option

At a glance

2D/3D map

Points of Interest

Favorites and search function

Backchannel (e.g., for push messages)

Turn-by-turn directions

“Around me” function

Colleague finder & location sharing

Interfaces to third-party systems

In addition to relevant points of interest (rooms, function areas, sanitary and gastronomic facilities, etc.), the digital map also shows the user’s current location. Users can call up detailed POI information such as opening hours or contact options via the app.

Turn-by-turn navigation guides the users to their destination. The wayfinding starts automatically from the current location of the mobile device. It is also possible to share one’s position with colleagues on site.

Added Value Through Comprehensive Solutions

Client-based positioning on the mobile device and indoor navigation can be components of digital applications, but are usually combined with other services to generate higher added value for the user. A good example is a comprehensive employee app for large office buildings and campus areas. It can be equipped with the following features, among others:

icon mobility


Travel and mobility information such as public transport timetables, available parking spaces, shuttle timetables, e-bike parking spaces

icon wayfinding


Wayfinding within the building, between buildings, and across all floors

icon meetings


Occupancy information and real-time availability, room booking

icon social


Functions to promote internal communication and networking with colleagues (location sharing, skill finder, etc.)

icon issue reporting

Issue Reporting

Creation of tickets via ITSM software (e.g., ServiceNow), automatic geo-reference or scanning of QR code

icon dining


Canteen locations and menus including filter options and utilization information

mobile workplace experience app from infsoft


infsoft wayfinding app

Native App

A native app is downloaded to the mobile device. Beacons installed in the building send out Bluetooth signals that are interpreted by the app and used to calculate the position.

infsoft progressive web app

Progressive Web App

A progressive web app is accessible via a web browser. It contains all the functionalities of the native app except for real-time localization. There is no need to install an application on the end device.

wayfinding touch terminal

Touch Terminal

One or more stationary terminals can be installed at relevant points in the building. The terminal provides an overview of the location and simulates navigation to the selected destination.

Use CAses

What Are Possible Application Scenarios?

Indoor navigation is particularly helpful for orientation in complex buildings, such as train stations, airports, hospitals, or large industrial and office areas. In addition to indoor navigation, a corresponding app can offer other services such as room booking, workflow management, location sharing, and much more. Here are some use cases for indoor navigation and related services:

infsoft use case employee app

Location-Based Employee Services

infsoft use case visitor management

Digital Services for Visitors

infsoft use case intermodal travel planning

Intermodal Travel Planning

infsoft use case indoor navigation in hospital

Digital Signage in Hospitals

infsoft use case mobile app and navigation for company premises

Mobile App for Company Premises

infsoft solutions

Which Solutions Does Full-Service Provider infsoft Offer?

infsoft provides enterprise customers with a comprehensive portfolio of digital products and solutions. Indoor navigation is a component of two of these products:

infsoft Wayfinding

infsoft Wayfinding assists users in reaching their desired location quickly and easily. The product can be used indoors and outdoors in buildings such as hospitals, airports, and office complexes. The solution includes a map of the location, which provides an overview of the site. In addition, points of interest (POI) can be found directly on the map as well as via a search bar, and the shortest route to them can be displayed. On mobile devices, the app can also provide real-time turn-by-turn navigation to further support the user.

Impressions of infsoft wayfinding

infsoft Workplace Experience

A Workplace Experience app can incorporate many other features in addition to an indoor navigation solution. These include occupancy information, room booking and planning of meetings, issue reporting, functions for networking with colleagues, and much more. The solution can be customized to meet the needs of the individual client.

Impressions of infsoft workplace Experience

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